Personal Author Programme

Many people have a good book inside them, and the old saying, that there is a book inside of everyone, is taken further by us, as we know that each person has many. In fact, it isn’t a matter of one or many books, but how many people will get enjoyment and interest from reading them.

We discuss your project and explore the possibilities, finding the story within you or bringing out the details and richness of a story you already have in mind, be it fiction or perhaps your personal life story.

We then help you to grow as a writer, coaching you to create a quality book, then editing and providing all the other services you need such as beautiful jacket designs. We can even provide crucial training on how to grow a rich on-line presence along with other methods to grow your credibility as a writer and gain a following through such tactics as events, talks, newspapers and magazines, radio interviews, endorsements, reviews, advertising and even competitions.

Of course, you may just want to write your history for your family only, and that’s perfect too.

Send your name and email below and we’ll get in contact with you to discuss your needs or answer questions.

We won’t pass on your details to third parties.