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Whan that Aprille – a guide to South Downs Way in Hampshire

For the curious: an exploration fo the South Downs Way in Hampshire

Written in the captivating, quirky English style and humour of writer, avid walker and amateur historian, Heather Lacey; this premium quality hardback, supported with 350 stunning images, illustrations and hand-drawn maps, is a book to grace coffee tables, bedside tables - in fact, any tables - in your home.

Premium Hardback


Prep that Fish - Crab, front cover Prep that Fish - Crab, back cover Prep that Fish - Crab, from this

Prep that Fish – Crab

The perfect guide to preparing, dressing and serving delicious and attractive crab.

For Chefs and home cooks alike!

Wipe-clean ring-bound pages for following the easy step-by-step method in full-colour pictures in the kitchen environment.


Wipe-clean ring-bound version for the kitchen environment


Legends Awakening Legends Awakening (Walkers o f Legend series - book 2)

Legends Awakening (The Walkers of Legend Action Fantasy series – book 2)

The mysterious race of servants have long held a belief a stranger will come to lead them from servitude and torture – the Zil-Sat-Shra.

Pitted against Lathashal’s brilliant replacement and the Emperor’s deadliest assassin, Chayne plunges deeper into the world of demons, aligning with new and uncertain allies to prevent the restarting of the war against his people. Back home, betrayed and outlawed, Garamon is exiled to the mountains to make a terrible discovery, and face his own morality of becoming a killer as enemies close in.

The Walkers of Legend series is set within a fearsome, deeply endangered world. One that holds a staggering ten-thousand-year-old secret.

Perk and the Princess. Front Cover. Perk and the Princess. Rear Cover. Perk and the Princess. Illustration one. Perk and the Princess. Illustration three. Perk and the Princess. Illustration three.

Perk and the Princess!

Perk’s life of acquiring cheese and avoiding the house cat and dog, is changed forever when a strange visitor appears through a secret doorway in the fireplace. Someone has come to rescue a Princess of the Humice, and Perk is needed to embark on a dangerous adventure.


A beautifully illustrated set of original and amusing children's poems by UK's wonderful new children's author known as Nanny Fraz. Illustrated and brought to life in glorious colour by Tym Lawrence.




The Walkers of Legend (Book one in the Walkers of Legend series)

The Empire, ruling nine-tenths of the world, is on a countdown to collapse. They must crush the last peoples of the free world to feed their chambers. They kidnap all of the enemy’s young mages, a routine task before invasion, but one of them is no ordinary man.

It soon becomes a race against time as he attempts to unlock the secret of the Empire’s powerful magic, challenging his formidable Master to try and prevent him from starting a devastating war against his homeland. A war that will force his people into a life of slavery and torture. Back home, his friend uncovers his abduction and begins the equally impossible task of getting him back …

The Walkers of Legend launches into a new epic action fantasy series that will begin to unravel a fearsome and deeply endangered world, and one that holds a staggering ten-thousand year-old secret.

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