Miles Allen

Miles followed an engineering career into management within a blue-chip company for twenty-five years before leaving to run his own company. He got into heroic fantasy reading in his late teens, but didn’t have the call to writing until his forties. He lives happily with his family in Kent.

"I was born in the UK, growing up in Kent when petrol was cheap, roads were empty and you could get a job with two O-levels.

I find writing fascinating. I set the stage in my head, and have a goal to achieve for a scene. I then let the characters have a ‘free run’ to a degree, giving them a kind of personal creativity. It often leads to unexpected results – some of which rise into the highly dramatic, and even evolve into unplanned plot lines. I will occasionally surprise my family with ‘you won’t believe what just happened!’.

I have developed a late love-affair with fantasy writing and intend to continue for as long as I am able.”

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Fraz Smith, Author

Fraz Smith

Fraz Smith (Nanny Fraz to her young followers) lives in Kent running a complimentary therapy practice. Her first publication was in February 2014 with the inventive and beautifully illustrated children's book FRAZAMATAZ!