About Us

REDBAK formed in 2010 in response to the rapid growth of fledgling authors, made possible through the introduction of the Internet and Print-On-Demand. In just a few years the publishing industry has been turned on its head and individual authors are taking charge rather than being slave to the traditional publishing houses. And the old alternatives such as overpriced vanity publishing have become out of date.

Self-publishing was born…

But this brought its own problems with few people able to conquer the complexities of fully publishing themselves. Cheap-looking jackets, lack of professional copy-editing and proof-checking sadly showcase many as amateurs. Even with the launch and apparent ease of Amazon eBooks, few self-published authors make money, and the majority soon give up.

And so REDBAK Publishing was formed to support you and get you on the road to distinction, not limited to realising your dream of having a good book in your hands to call your own, but to teach you the skills to be an established author with the web-presence to accumulate a following, have a lot of fun, and, of course, sell a lot of books.

Whether you have written a book and don’t know what to do next, or only have a desire to write and have only ideas, we can take you from where you are, and for a sensible price, turn your ideas and words into a credible book that you will be proud of. And if your dream is to go further, we establish you as an author that could end up in a rewarding new career, and then who knows where…

To contact us email contactus@redbakpublishing.co.uk