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“There’s nothing quite like holding that first book in your hand and seeing your name on it and thinking - ‘I did this!’”

Miles Allen
Author, The Walkers of Legend Series


Legends Awakening

07/08/2015 Legends Awakening (book 2 in The Walkers of Legend series) 

Pre-order Kindle version now for £1 discount!


Legends Awakening


Legends Awakening (book 2 in The Walkers of Legend series)  - Available Now!

Legends Awakening


Legends Awakening (book 2 in The Walkers of Legend series)  - Coming Summer 2015!


Perk and the Princess


Perk and the Princess is now available on Amazon Kindle


Perk and the Princess


Congratulations Victor P. Jones on your first book!

Perk and the Princess. 

Children's adventure book. Ages 5-8.


Welcome Britt Whyatt aka She Who Bakes. Her first book of eagerly awaited baking recipes is planned for the summer school holidays.


Frazamataz 12/02/2014 Frazamataz! Now available!



Congratulations to Fraz and her Frazamataz! off to print soon!


Check out our Frazamataz! page and read The Tired Head.